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Executive Suburbanite

Great job poking fun at yourself for caving to all that B.S.


Yeah, um, Bossy's favorite end-of-year trend? The Class Gift. Bossy remembers a time when she used to haul some dumb-ass gift to her teacher, maybe. But now there's a COLLECTION for The Gift Certificate along with the DONATION for the new classroom rocker in addition to the CONTRIBUTION of hard cash for the assistant teachers and the assistants to the assistants. Not to mention the dumb-ass gift Bossy's kid still insists on hauling in... which doesn't include the school secretary, lunch lady, and bus driver.

Robert K

(Please see previous post about gratitude to wife for bearing sons.)

But really, SK, look at that FACE. How can you deny anything to a child who is not only ten kinds of adorable but looks like your own tiny doppelganger?

Get the poor little dear some damned pink hairspray and some Hannah Montana PJs and quit whining.

JIm Raff

Great commentary on this little bit of suburbia. by the way, I didn't realize the third grade was so like the kindergarten, except we didn't use hair color, we used crayons tied into braids.

Denver Dad

Well, maybe I *should* consider home schooling my son. It sounds a lot easier than that nonsense!

Good luck next year!

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