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love it! Today's it's helping me survive a very Midwestern (St. Louis style) lawn care moment, in my neighborhood of square and ball-shaped bushes, razor-edged, postage-stamp lawns, and office-park landscaping. These people think "cottage style" gardens (perennial beds, climbing roses and vines, etc.) need some Round-up and a giant weed-eater, and they are not above hiring one while you're away for the weekend, or "accidentally" mowing your gorgeous fountain-shaped flower bush to the nearly blossom-free square theirs have been so carefully molded to become.---transplant, not thriving here.

Suburban Kamikaze

Oh Perry, it gets so much worse. Have you seen winter? Have you had the Jell-O salad?



So glad to have found this blog...doing research for my own right now, and saw you on the "Dotcomrades" of Whiskey in My Sippy Cup. Love, love, love this, and even though I live in sunny San Diego now, my Midwestern (Wheaton) will always have a special place in my heart.

Suburban Kamikaze

Come back any time. We will do our best to cure any homesickness you may be experiencing.



You are officially my new favourite person. (Don't tell my husband or my three kids...)

Suburban Kamikaze

What a nice thing to say! My lips are sealed.


Jay Jay

Suburban Gaga or Lady Kamikaze...I'm thinking that's no lady due to the distinct lack of refinement portrayed, so Gaga you are!

Suburban Kamikaze

Nobody in a house full of teenagers could wear a dress made of meat Jay. It would be suicidal.



Too often I see these sames scenes unfold in our household... too seldom are they as amusing as you depict. I wonder, do you see the humour straight-away?

Suburban Kamikaze

I may see it. But I'm not necessarily laughing. Often I'm too caught up in trying to intervene, in hopes of influencing a completely different outcome than the one that is ultimately funnier. Also, inevitable.


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