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Denver Dad

It's just you... that photo is like a roaring fire!

Great post!

reluctant housewife

Love this.

Robert K

You damn betcha.

But you left out one detail. Suburban dads are able to perform all these feats of sexual mastery with one ear tuned to the hallway outside the bedroom -- listening with an intensity equalled only by British prisoners of war alert for the jack-booted strides of an approaching guard who might discover their late night efforts to extend their escape tunnel -- for the faintest trace of the pitter-pat of toddler feet and the dreaded turn of the door handle.

suburban kamikaze

In my house it's more like that scene from Romeo and Juliet:
Me: "It's the kids."
Mr. K: "No, it was a nightingale, I swear."

Chill Bill

It's you making it hot in here!
Da Bulls, Da Bears, Da Babe!
Chill Bill

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