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June 18, 2012



I've read you long enough now to realize that you write much better than the author of that other novel - so bring it on.

Suburban Kamikaze

Parody, of course, is much easier than starting from scratch. It's like making a cheese sandwich after somebody else has already left the cheese sitting out for you.

i.e., Christian Grey on the similarities between cheese and sadomasochism:

"Why is anyone the way they are? That's hard to answer. Why do some people like cheese and other people hate it? Do you like cheese?"



Totally begging for it! Start working on the sequels -- I can tell this will be a big hit.

Suburban Kamikaze

Sure, a sequel. Because who doesn't like cheese?





Steamy read. Also,love the cover art.

Suburban Kamikaze

It's a Rick McCawley. I have him booked for my next 10 books, nine of which I will probably never finish. But the covers will be amazing.



Wait... um... what? I don't understand - cheese is a safe word?
Have you told Wisconsin?

Suburban Kamikaze

Cheese is the ultimate safe word. So civilized and polite. Like Wisconsin.


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