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April 11, 2012



missing an arrow?

Audubon Ron

Boom, nailed it!

Suburban Kamikaze

The graphics department around here is a little slipshod. We have corrected the error, which, we feel compelled to point out, in no way subtracted from the scientific merit of the information.



Nuance? *sigh* That's sooo 1999. Pretty much I think most people don't see why the bother is necessary when it's possible to flame away in the comments section of pretty much anybody's claims about anything.

Also, I have a pinot calling my name, and nuance is so time consuming.

Suburban Kamikaze

Those reds can be so temperamental.



Will print and use as part of a game at next drunken gathering.

Suburban Kamikaze

Fine, but I will not be held responsible for any hair pulling that occurs. You know how women can get.


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