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Raclettes? Really? I want the real full-on Racles if I'm going to go to the trouble of learning all that Nordish crockery culture.


Cookware Chronicles Part Deux--- Who won? I'm pulling for Ebelskivers because I think you are taking advantage of our dim grasp of the Nordic culture beyond Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and just MAKING up WORDS! (ooooo takes me right back to a certain Scrabble game ...which turned into a scuffle--words with friends indeed!)

Suburban Kamikaze

Half the words in the Williams-Sonoma catalog are made up. There is no such thing as a "pork crouton" in real life.

Nordstrom's is a real place, however. I've been there.



Pork Crouton? Is that what people do with stale pork? Nordstrom's may as well be in Iceland (wait I'm mixing my Nordic geography here) for all the chance I'd have of getting through their doors. I barely get into Macy's and then only with Liz escorting me. Really, they can smell the Wal-Target-Mart on me.

Suburban Kamikaze

No one can actually afford to shop there. That's why we go to Nordstrom's Raclette.



You can't fool me. This is like some kind of cooking porn code... she was just a young Raclette in knee-highs and he was an ebelskiver of a man but he had the Nordstrom card. She would need that card for safe passage through the maze of dikes, no matter what the cost...

Suburban Kamikaze

I only read it for the recipes.


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